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At Sands Bulk Transport, we provide all the services you require to transport your products.

From rail to truck transloading services to chemical delivery for the pulp and paper sector, we are your full-service provider. We also offer a privately owned rail transload facility and laydown yard for heavy items such as trailers, storage tanks, bridge decks or heavy equipment. Sands Bulk has the transportation and storage solution for you and your in-transit products regardless of your bulk transportation needs.

Our modern fleet of tanker trucks transports your product to your commercial, mining, or forestry operation safely and efficiently. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our team will deliver your chemical and petroleum products on time and exceed all safety parameters.

We also provide rail-to-truck transloading services at remote sites. Our specialty equipment is completely self-contained and can be used in remote areas to offload diesel and aviation fuel, and other chemicals from rail cars into fuel trucks.


Bulk fuel transportation solutions to ensure we get your fuel in your hands, when you need it.


Our privately owned rail yard gives us a lot of advantages, learn more about this here.

Sales & Rentals

We offer a variety of fuel storage solutions for sale, or for rent.