Safety is a priority at Sands Bulk Transportation

Our trucks travel through beautiful scenic areas, and we want to keep them that way!

That’s why our commitment to environmental awareness and safety protocols is so important to us. Sands Bulk recognizes our role in mitigating the environmental impacts of our work through active and continuous training for our employees and diligent maintenance of all equipment.

We promote safety in our day-to-day operations by minimizing the environmental impact of our transportation activities from on the highway to in remote logging or mining locations. Our drivers act as the first contact on-site for our customers. Their behavior and reputation reflect directly on us as a company. To ensure our drivers understand and embrace our commitment to excellence, they complete an extensive training program that covers solid driving practices, risk assessment and control training. We also offer first aid training to all our employees to ensure they are prepared to deal with any emergencies that might arise.

We are actively involved in keeping our drivers accountable and use onboard tracking systems in our units. These allow us to reward our drivers for their attention to upholding our safety mission of safety and allow us to provide our customers with up-to-date information on their delivery.

We recognize that pollution prevention, biodiversity and resource conservation are crucial elements of a sustainable environment and effectively integrate these concepts into our business decision-making.

At Sands Bulk, our commitment to continuously promote a positive, safe environment is important at all levels, from drivers to management supervisors. We promote our safety culture through active training and using leading-edge technology to track and understand our impact to modify our behavior and outcomes.

Our health and safety program exceeds all provincial and federal standards. Sands Bulk has its COR with the BC Forest Safety Council, as well as reporting through ISNetworld, Avetta and ComplyWorks.