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Employment Opportunities with Sands

Sands Bulk Transport recognizes the importance of recruiting and retaining talent in today’s labour market and prides itself in offering programs that makes Sands a stand-alone company to work for. Sands competitive advantage is the success of its employees, the evolving development they receive and the long-term dedication they make and contribute to our continued growth.

We are committed to offering meaningful employment with a future for any individual who shows competence, professionalism and a service-orientated personality as well as upholding the core values of honesty and integrity. Through our recruitment and retention programs, we offer new applicants and current employees the tools needed succeed with Sands and the labour market.

Sands Believes that having a proper retention strategy is key when it comes to retaining employees. In order to motivate employees, Sands incorporates motivation-building techniques that include training, mentoring, culture, appreciation and work-life balance.

Current Employment Opportunities

At this time, there are no current openings.  If you are interested in applying for future openings, email us your resume and abstract and complete the Application Form below.  Thank you for your interest in our Company.


Drivers Application Form

Interested in being one of our drivers? Click the button below to view our Drivers Application Form. You can fill out the form online and submit it directly (if your browser supports PDF forms). Alternately, you can simply print out the form by clicking the print icon when the PDF displays, fill it in manually, and then fax it back to us at 250.564.2978.

Drivers Application Form PDF